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New roofs, re-roofs or repairs, Admo Roofing produces a quality result, on time, every time. For Commercial & residential roofing,  we have the experience and a qualified team

Noise Resistance

Substantial noise reduction can be achieved by using a recommended insulation under Zn-Al steel roofing. This damps down rain induced vibration and thereby reduce noise. Also it increases the heat resistant qualities of Zn-Al roofing.

Heat Transmission & Reflectivity

55% Zn-Al alloy-coated steel sheet demonstrates better resistance to high temperature than the galvanized steel sheet.55% Zn-Al alloy-coated steel sheet can be used in temperatures up to 315’C.

55% Zn-Al alloy-coated steel coil has a high reflectivity value making it an effective barrier against heat.

Corrosion Resistance

The improved corrosion resistance of 55% Zn-Al alloy coated steel coil is derived from the unique combination of the barrier protection of aluminum and the sacrificial protection of zinc. The formation of an insoluble aluminum oxide layer provides the barrier protection while zinc provides a sacrificial protection at cut edges, scratches and areas of coating damage.


Admo roofing comes in 3 different thicknesses and in array of colors.


Admo cladding is another versatile product.


Gutters are available in 8 standard designs, in variable gutter-girths.

Steel C Purling

Another addition to superior quality Admo range of products.


Variety of Accessories for your needs.

Strip Ceiling

Commonly seen at all modern buildings & newly built fuel stations this latest ceiling


Paint Coating System

A paint system is an operation in which different types and layers of paint or other coating materials are applied in a certain sequence


Heat Transmission & Reflectivity

Admo Zn-AI roofing reduce the temperature inside the house & can be further reduced with proper Insulation thus saving energy costs


Noise Resistance

An Admo Zn-Al roof with insulation ans a ceiling will substantially reduce noise levels in comparison with         uninsulated traditional roofing material with a similar ceiling

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