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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to satisfy our customers and meet their expectations in supplying high quality products at competitive prices while assuring timely delivery. This is currently achieved through our skill and expertise in the production, designing and installation, marketing, and ultra-modern machinery. Admo  is constantly searching for new advances and product development in order to produce more superior products and services that would attract both local and international markets.

Admo Roofing

ADMO’s pre-engineered rain-water systems offer faster and convenient solutions for domestic and industrial construction. ADMO can also provide tailor-made fabrications for individual requirements. Our 13-foot bending facility surpasses others, setting new standards in the industry. Professionals admire ADMO products because they provide the “fit & forget” solution for effective rain-water management in modern construction. Forward-thinking homebuilders and quality-conscious construction industry professionals now rely on ADMO for quality and durability.

Technology we use

The new generation rain-water systems made with high quality zinc-aluminium sheets at our ultra-modern factory use state-of-the-art machinery and are guaranteed to satisfy customer needs. ADMO believes in quality. That’s why we take extra care in sourcing material and precisely fabricating our products. The outcome is a product that lasts longer and earns the reputation of professionals. ADMO products are packed carefully to ensure that they reach the end user in good shape and condition

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